Halter Bowknot Long Blue Dress


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Elevate your style with this halter bowknot long blue dress, designed to capture attention with its elegant silhouette and distinctive back detail. The halter neckline creates a chic and sophisticated shape that frames your shoulders and neck beautifully. The long length adds a sense of grace, allowing the dress to flow elegantly as you move. The bowknot on the back of the halter is the highlight of this gown, adding a playful and charming touch to the overall design.

The bowknot on the back serves as more than just a decorative element; it creates a sense of balance and symmetry with the sleek halter front. This unique feature gives the dress a unique edge, making it perfect for those who appreciate stylish details. The rich blue hue complements the dress’s silhouette, creating a harmonious look that stands out at any event. This dress is ideal for formal occasions, gala dinners, and special events where you want to make a memorable entrance.

The versatility of this halter bowknot long blue dress makes it suitable for various occasions. The long length and flowing design offer a sophisticated appearance, while the halter neckline provides support and comfort. The bowknot on the back adds a touch of whimsy, creating a focal point that draws attention. Whether you’re attending a wedding, a charity gala, or a formal dinner, this dress can be styled to suit your preference. Pair it with high heels for added elegance or opt for flats for a more relaxed vibe. No matter how you wear it, this dress is sure to make you feel confident and chic.

Size Bust (in) Range Waist (in) Weight (lb) Range
XS 31.50 – 33.07 25.20 88.18 – 110.23
S 33.07 – 34.65 26.77 110.23 – 121.25
M 34.65 – 36.22 28.35 121.25 – 132.28
L 36.22 – 37.80 29.92 132.28 – 143.30
XL 37.80 – 39.37 31.50 143.30 – 154.32


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